FERC Licensing Documents

To view licensing documents prepared under the ILP for the Nuyakuk River Hydroelectric Concept, see FERC Filings section on this page.

Documents Library

General Concept Documents

Nuyakuk FAQ

WTSP Presentation

2021 Year-End Summary and 2022 Anticipated Milestones

Nuyakuk Update and Looking Ahead September 2021


Letters of Concern (LOC)

Responses to LOC

MeetingĀ Documents

Nuaykuk Project Public Meeting Presentation 06-08-2022

Feasibility Study CommunityMtg 8Jun2022

Nuyakuk Public Mtg Notes 06-08-2022

Nuyakuk Public Meeting Presentation

Nuyakuk Project Public Meeting Notes 09-23-2021

Nuyakuk Project Public Meeting Notes 09-21-2021

Cooperative Meetings

Nuyakuk Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda

Nuyakuk Project Kickoff Meeting Minutes 11-18-2019

Nuyakuk Project Kick-off Meeting Presentation

FERC Filings

Nuyakuk P-14873 ISR Afternoon Meeting Summary 12-05-2023

Nuyakuk P-14873 ISR Evening Meeting Summary 12-05-2023

Nuyakuk Project (P-14873) Initial Study Report (contains link to download)

P-14873 Nuyakuk Study Plan Determination

Revised Study Plan Filing for the Nuyakuk River Hydroelectric Project (P-14783)

PSP cover letter & request for ILP re-initiation

PSP document

March 10, 2022 FERC ILP Process Plan and Schedule

FERC Preliminary Permit Extension 04-29-2021

Nuyakuk Project (P-14873) Preliminary Permit App

P-14873 Preliminary Permit Issued 06-11-2018

P-14873 Preliminary Permit Progress Rpt1_12-06-2018

P-14873 Preliminary Permit Progress Rpt2_05-30-2019

P-14873 Preliminary Permit Progress Rpt3_11-27-2019

Nuyakuk P-14873 NOI Final 10-08-2019

Nuyakuk P-14873 PAD Final 10-08-2019

Nuyakuk Project FERC Scoping Document No1

Nuyakuk Project FERC Scoping Document No2